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  • The Most Powerful Investment Software Ever Made!

    Always know when to buy and sell the stocks in your portfolio without needing to be a 20 year market veteran. Most investors make stock picks by consulting investment journals, dubious market research, a 'gut feeling' or questionable advice from a friend.

    Superior Stock Picks

    StopBuyingTheBull's stock picks ignore such 'research' and monitors market trends in buying and selling. Stock prices are based on the supply and demand of stocks - when mass market movement increases in a specific stock, the price goes up - it really is that simple. Stocks can't run to the upside without buyers exceeding sellers nor can stocks go down without sellers exceeding buyers. Our proprietary stock picking calculations engine monitors that ratio to provide you with the most important investment advice you need, an indicator to "buy", "hold" or "sell" based on monitoring more than 80,000 stock every day.


"Rarely do we find a company such as Stop Buying The Bull where theories are dead on with consistant results. Following their software will yield any investor consistant returns. In our years in the industry we have rarely seen such results."

- Ashu Gandhi | vice-president, World Wide Quote

"My wife thinks I am an investment genius. My friends think I am lucky. What I am is an ardent and consistent user of stopbuyingthebull. In the last seven months, my portfolio shows cost basis wins of 20%, 30%, 40% and even 113% on stocks and ETF's. When I do have a loss it is minimal."

- Walter A. Paulson - Director, Labor Relations

"Stop Buying the Bull has proven to be a very necessary tool to help manage my investments. With limited time available to research individual stocks, I look to the Hot List to do my research for me. Not only does Stop Buying the Bull help me make the most of my time it also does not care if my account is $1,000.000 or $10,000, which I can not say about most brokers.With the knowledge that I have gained from using Stop Buying the Bull I have been able to see the highest annualized returns I have ever experienced."

- Rodney C. Hill DDS

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Implementing the investment portion of your Financial Plan

Undertaking Risk & Generating Performance in the markets

Current Performance Since Signal Initiation

Buy Side 24.45%
Sell Side -13.14%

Year to date return

2017 34396.43%
2015 -0.38%
2014 4.73%
2013 17.53%
2012 1.62%
2011 -9.64%
2010 11.99%
2009 25.55%
2008 -11.24%

Lastest Scan (2017-01-17)

# of Buys 5,647
# of Holds 757
# of Sells 2,215
Our buy side performance today includes 757 buys that have achieved hold status with an average return of 36.89%.